Climbing for the Stars

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Climbing for the Stars is dedicated to the Make-A-Wish Central New York. By granting the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions, Make-A-Wish has touched the lives of countless children and families in the United States. Find out how you can make a difference by making dreams a reality. 

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Climbing for a cause 

Make-A-Wish is a trusted name that has been improving children's lives for many years.  Find out how they do it!

Kyle Durgin, inspired by the challenges of children with life threatening medical conditions, climbed Aconcagua to 22,500 feet. His goal is to raise $10,000 to make children's dreams come true!

The difference between wishes going unheard or coming true depends on you! Join the movement to help Make-A-Wish Foundation today. Contact us about how you can help.

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Meet Our Team

Kyle Durgin



Julie Lundgren 


Event Coordinator  

Aconcagua Climb! 

Kyle faced many challenges on his climb of one of the tallest mountains in the world. Weather, Altitude sickness, avalanches, and a rescue mission all made this climb the toughest yet.